“Tekk Trainer Assembly Manual”. You can download it from the bottom of the set-up tips page.

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  1.  Prior to the net being attached, the center bracket on the crossbar will be up slightly in the middle of the frame. This is by design. After the net is installed the crossbar will be straight.


Corner bracket hole alignment tips

  1. Move frame left to right to line up holes before putting the lock pin in the corner bracket.
  2. If holes don’t line up between bracket and tube. Use the “allen key” to loosen screws on the hinge. (do not completely unscrew only loosen a little)
  3. Move bracket in upwards direction until the holes line up. Once holes are lined up tighten 4 screws. Insert lock pins.



Refer to these tips when you are assembling the rebounder tube to the skid bracket as described in Section C of the assembly manual.

In order for the hole on the skid bracket to line up with the pin on the rebounder tube you will need to assemble each side one at a time using the following method:

  1. Place the skid bracket on top of the rebounder tube with a 2” overhang for the bracket. Next, move the rebounder tube until it is flush with the skid bracket. When flush, there will be no space between the rebounder tube and skid bracket. See pic to the right.
  2. Slide the skid bracket in the backwards direction until its hole slides on top of the pin on the rebounder tube. See pics to the right.
  3. If the pin on the rebound tube does not fit into the hole on the skid bracket use the “allen key” to loosen the four screws on the plate with the pin on the end of the rebounder tube. (do not completely unscrew only loosen)
  4. Pull plate in direction that is away from rebounder tube. There is some tolerance so the plate will move when it is pulled.Tighten screws. Assemble rebound tube to frame.



  1. Identify bungee with a double loop. Make sure this is on the bottom right side before you begin attaching net to the frame.
  2. Attach the two top corner loops (one at a time) over the top corners of the frame.
  3. Attach the corner loop over the eye bolt on the bottom left side of the frame – same side as Tekk® logo on the net.
  4. Attach the bungee with double loop over the eye bolt on the bottom right side of the frame. NOTE: THIS BUNGEE WILL ALWAYS BE ATTACHED LAST AS IT IS LONGER.


You received a white bungee tool in the box. Use this to attach the net to the frame. See pics 1 & 2. We recommend using two people to attach the net to the bungees as it is very tight. One person pulls the net towards the frame and the other person pulls the bungee hook towards the net.

  1. Attach bungees on bottom tube to net.
  2. Attach bungees on top tube to net.
  3. Attach bungees on side tubes to net.


(replacing pin on rebounder tube)

  1. Remove pin from rebounder tube.
  2. Purchase ¼ x 7/8 screw and matching nylon lock nut. These can be purchased at any hardware store.
  3. From the bottom put the screw up through the rebounder tube and skid bracket.
  4. Attach nylon lock nut on top of screw head on the inside of the skid bracket. (do not over tighten or you will need pliers to remove)


Download TEKK Trainer Assembly Manual