The Tekk trainer is a great training tool for players of any position who want to be the best. The trainer automatically returns the ball to you with the same pace as if you were in a game, giving you the ability to dramatically improve your touch, ball control and finishing. The Tekk trainer is challenging, fun and it makes you a better footballer. What more can you ask for?

Dwayne DeRosario
D.C. United
4X MLS Cup Champion
4X Canadian Player of the year
Wonder why Europeans and South Americans are technically great players? There’s one reason. They spend more time with the ball. Now you can too. The Tekk trainer is perfect for players who want to truly get better. Every time you use this product, you will find yourself becoming more and more comfortable with the ball. If you want to work your way off the bench, if you want to keep your starting position or if you want to make your state or regional team, this is the right training tool for you.

Eddie Pope
3X World Cup Team Member
3X MLS Cup Champion
For 47 years a goal and net has been a part of my everyday life. I was a professional goalkeeper for 17 years and for the past 30 years a State, Regional and US National goalkeeper staff coach working with many of the USA National Teams top goalkeepers.

The TEKK trainer is by far the most sturdy and well manufactured product on the market. The tekk trainer allows goalkeepers to practice on their own to develop all four components that they need to execute when they play in a game, – technical, tactical, psychological and, physical. With the tekk trainer you can repeat drills over and over. This repetition/training is the key to mastering the detail of goalkeeping technique to become better. Work on your hand positions, diving, footwork, catching and body shape until you get it right. When the tekk trainer is used with someone serving the ball it allows the goalkeeper to pay attention to game type situations. Whether you are an amateur or a professional goalkeeper and you want to be the best, I highly recommend practicing with the Tekk trainer.

Peter Mellor
USL Technical Director
National Staff Coach, United States Soccer, 1992 to present
More about Peter Click Here
After a lifetime in soccer I can say, hand-on-heart, the TEKK Trainer is going to revolutionize the game in this part of the world and help every player move up to a new level of performance. If you practice with the Tekk Trainer, without any question you will become a better field player or a better goalkeeper.

Tony Waiters
President World of Soccer
President of the National Soccer Coaches Association of Canada, 1996 to present
Appointed as the first Director of the NSCAA Goalkeeping Institute
Senior Staff Instructor NSCAA, 1992 to present
If you are serious about becoming a great soccer player, you need repetition and touches true to a game situation to develop your technical ability. The Tekk trainer is the best product I’ve seen that gives you the opportunity to train on your own and get the touches you need to be a top flight player.

Rob Smith
Past President FC Delco
Coached FC Delco to 8 State Championships
Growing up I kicked the ball against a fence and a wall over and over. Now on off days and after training I use the tekk trainer. I get a ton of touches where the ball comes back to me at game speed like someone is passing or crossing me the ball. If you are serious and are willing to put in the time with the tekk trainer there is no question you will improve your skills, become a better player and advance your technical ability. The best part is it’s fun!

James Riley
Chivas USA
Europeans and South Americans are technically great players because they get a lot more touches on the ball than we do. Now, with the Tekk trainer you can get the touches you need to dramatically improve your game and technical ability.

Martin Nash
Retired Canadian National Team Player – 38 Caps

*None of the individuals have been paid for their comments regarding Tekk products.